How does it work?

Its 2017 folks, Lets face it : FB updates, letters, postcards, text-wishes, pigeons, telegram: they are as dead as they can be. We can do one better: 

SurprisePotato will post a real potato (yes, a real potato) with your personalized message to anyone in India. Anonymous or not!

We write your message on a sexy large potato, packaged in a Jute drawstring bag and hand-deliver it to the requested address all for the cost of parking your car in a mall. Maybe lesser.


It goes like poetry for any occasion, here's how you can send one:

Via Website (Order Here)

  • Step 1: Write your custom message in the message box 
  • Step 2: Add it to the cart
  • Step 3: Fill in YOUR email ID and RECEIVER's address and proceed to check out


Go SurprisePotato or keep eating one!