Where is my Potato? How Do I track it?

Our Dearest Darling Potatoes!

We understand a lot of you have been curious about the status/tracking/expected time of delivery of your potatoes. Well, It's safe to say you're all now participants of THE POTATO REVOLUTION:

We started this ridiculously hysterical service on 28th of Jan 2017 within our little ecosystem of friends and family. It was an alien concept but the adorable potatoes that you guys are, We recieved an overwhelming response and love all over the country :)

A few days ago, when prestigious social platform like Buzzfeed | ScoopWhoop | Indian Express covered us coupled with upcoming Valentine's day, We were blessed with more potato love!

That being said, this abnormally large number of potatoes shipped all over the country was also taken notice by AIRPORT AUTHORITIES leading to an equally hysterical situation (to the point we had to open a few packages and explain the concept to them, imagine!). Owing to this little fact, Our operations team have been working round the clock to ensure consignments are safely extracted from the authorities. 

Reflecting on this situation, We request you to keep your calm. Rest assured , we'll make sure none of your surprises get contaminated. 

Feel free to leave us a mail: info@surprisepotato.com

More mashed potatoes to you guys,

Potatoes that Surprise